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Nomadic Living Tour

This is a great opportunity to see nomadic lifestyle, inherited through hundreds years from generation to generation. You can stay with nomadic families; help them in looking after livestock, milking cows and mares, collecting cashmere from goats and many other everyday works of nomadic herders. You can have your own ger /felt tent/ and you would learn how to build it. Nomadic lifestyle is a fantastic choice for family trip. Children have big and knowledgeable fun. 2-7 days are enough to live in “nomadic life”


Arrival at UB

City tour, preparation for riding and relax.

Day 2
Terelj National Park
50 kms off-road + 70 kms on-road, 3 hours riding/driving
Terelj National Park is located in beautiful rocky and forest Mountains. Visit Meditation Temple and Turtle Rock. Come to ger camp at the bank of River.

Day 3
Nomadic family
70 kms off-road, 1.5 hours riding/driving
Visit a nomadic family, looks after sheep, goats, horses and cows. Able to see real nomadic herdsmen lifestyle. Have a traditional barbecue dinner. On the way visit a huge Chinggis Khaan Monument.

Day 4
70 kms off-road + 100 kms on-road, 3 hours riding/driving
Come back to UB. Souvenir shopping, folk art concert and farewell dinner.