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Self Drive Tour

We are pioneer in self-drive tour in Mongolia. At the beginning we used Russian jeeps, but now we use Japanese Nissan and Toyota 4×4 jeeps. Our cars are safely equipped for off-road driving. Experienced and professional staffs will organize your tour and travel with your as your guides.
This kind of tour is for 2-12 days.
We also provide foreign tourists, traveling by their own cars in Mongolia with service for back-up service car, mechanic, tour guide and reliable place to keep their vehicles. If such tourists want to sell their vehicles we can help. Please contact.
Here are few examples of self drive tour itineraries. But we arrange different tour itineraries according to flight schedule, interest and driving skills of clients.


Arrival at UB

City tour, preparation for riding and relax.

Day 2
Baga Gazar & Middle Gobi

07.00 /starting time/ 150 kms on-road + 140 kms off-road, 9 hours riding/driving
Start a tour, on-road riding for the first half day and off-road riding for the rest of the day. BG is a rocky Mountain in peculiar geographic structure. In the evening come to small town.

Day 3
Yol Valley

07.00 70 +230 kms off-road, 10 hours riding/driving
Early in the morning continue the touring. After two hours on-road riding all riding will be off-road. Move from steppe zone into Desert zone.

Day 4
10.00 140 kms off-road, 4 hours riding/driving
Visit Yol Valley, located in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. The Valley is covered with ice even in summer time. Short trekking through the Valley. After short riding visit Moltsog, small sand dune and come to Bayanzag. Traditional barbecue dinner.

Day 5
10.00 150 kms off-road, 5 hours riding/driving
Visit a nomadic family and ride a camel. Visit Baynzag, tiny forest in the Gobi and Flaming Cliffs. This place was rich of dinosaur eggs and fossils. In afternoon ride through Ongi steppe and come to Ongi Temple ruins, destroyed in 1937 because of socialist ideology.

Day 6
Zorgol Mountain
09.00 200 kms off-road, 6 hours riding/driving
Move from the Gobi zone into steppe zone. After whole day riding come to the Mountain, which is in beautiful formation.

Day 7
10.00 50+120 kms off-road, 6 hours riding/driving
In afternoon come back to UB. Souvenir shopping and farewell dinner in traditional barbecue restaurant.

Day 8
After breakfast drive to Airport